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Linux Systems Administrator Interview Questions


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Tell us some names of frequently used monitoring tools.

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Why you need to change ?

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How do you configure a NFS server, Apache server? What is network gateway? Explain the concept of SElinux

Logs location and self confident related

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I can't remember but i do suggest you read through GS Collections.. for the simple fact that it's awesome... and you would know what you are getting into!

What is the path and config file of Apache2 HTTP server in Red Hat EL?

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Questions on RHEL 6.

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Linux, below are the list of questions: Different commands link egrep,sed,find,awk? Booting process? File systems? Different protocols? Shell scripting? Windows: batch scripting? Networking? Basic troubleshooting? Assembling? Backups?

Booting Process, LVM, User Management, Kdump, VMcore collection, Shell Scripting.