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Portfolio manager Interview Questions in London, UK


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Are bond prices affected more by a yield change at high or low yields?

4 Answers

this is referring to bond duration which is its sensitivity to change in price over change in yield. Bond prices are affected more by a yield change at lower yields.

Both. It refers to duration which is just the slope of the yield curve. Above answer is only half right

actually duration is more sensitive at lower yields than at higher yields. So the initial answer is correct

Your experience, how much would you earn for us, can you help us expand in europe

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Where can you see yourself in 5 years?

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Explain a situation when you had to solve a problem...

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What is prepayment and accruals?

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What does the price/ yield curve look like for a bond with embedded options?

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Write me pseudo code for the Fibonnaci series.

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They were more concerned on my nationality as I was not of the same religion as the interviewees. Very racially biased questioning, although I am British born my connections to Pakistan and passport status was question. I am in fact of Indian origin. The questions were primarily based on this. The rest of the questioning was standard project management questions, but I could tell from the body languages the interviewers were not interested

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