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how do you get an Elephant in the fridge?

29 Answers

take the Giraffe out first?

Dumbo, you make a big fridge

I don't know! But do you know how to tell if there's an elephant in your fridge? There's footprints in the the butter. How can you tell when there's TWO elephants in your fridge? You hear giggling inside. How can you tell when there's THREE elephants in your fridge? You can't close the door. You're welcome.

The questions were not very difficult but you really need to have all the concepts crystal-clear and be ready to apply them successfully. One of the questions was "how to count the letters in this string:" "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog";

12 Answers

Write a function that takes the ordinal number of a column in a spreadsheet and returns the label of that column: i.e. 1 -> A 2 -> B, 26 -> Z, 27->AA

7 Answers

The first coding question was to determine whether a list of integers with size N, contains all the numbers from one to N.

7 Answers

How do you print all elements of a linked list.

6 Answers

Merging of Sets: Sets Users which reference other user groups.

6 Answers

You have three doors, behind one there is a prize. You choose door A, after that I ll tell you that behind door B there is no prize, do yuo keep your choice or change it ?

7 Answers

A task in which I was required to print all numbers between 1 and a million - with no repeating digits - Easy enough! Just can throw you off guard a bit

7 Answers

(Phone screen questions) 1. For a given binary tree, print paths from root to all leaf nodes, one path per line. 2. Given a sequence of positive integers "seq" and an integer "total", return whether a contiguous sequence of "seq" sums up to "total". (Onsite interview questions are covered by NDA therefore can't post, but it can be said that the knowledge of data structures and handling edge cases are important for the coding interviews)

5 Answers

Implement a method called printNonComments() which prints out a extract of text with comments removed. For example, the input: hello /* this is a multi line comment */ all Should produce: hello all You have access to a method called getNextLine() which returns the next line in the input string.

5 Answers
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