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Data Analyst Interview Questions in Los Angeles, CA, US


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What do you think is the main role of this position, what do you think will be the first tasks that you will have to do, and how will you approach analyses when such duty is assigned?

Tell me about a time where you received harsh constructive criticism?

Briefly explain your career goals (e.g. whether you would like to stay in the gaming, specifically mobile gaming, industry or data analysis field).

Tell us about pro's and con's of yourself, and your mindset when you must carry on tasks that you do not like.

Why do you want to work in the automotive industry?

What did you do at your previous Job(s)? What is the structure of your previous company and who did you report to? Why do you want to work here? What type of leader do you like?

Describe a time that you had to work with someone who wasn't data "savvy"

Practical knowledge of marketing, technical test of stats, excel, and SQL.

finding a better solution between low performing school or outsider charter management

Basic phone interview asking about experience, why would be a good fit, etc. Then a technical challenge

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