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Basic phone interview asking about experience, why would be a good fit, etc. Then a technical challenge

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Phone interview was simple. Technical challenge was very confusing: 1) No deadline to complete the task 2) Limited guidance on what exactly the question was 3) No guidance on how they wanted the answer presented As you can tell, I didn't pass the technical challenge, but still have zero clue why. The question is asking you to make a recommendation for something. I made a recommendation based on evidence in the data set. Yet somehow it only took them 2 hrs to review my work and say I didn't move to the next round. Zero explanation as to why I didn't advance (despite me asking twice). I thought I looked at all angles of the data and made a sound recommendation with sound evidence to support it. Clearly, I don't think the "Bird way". I'm sure the answer was easy if you ask for guidance or if they were to explain what they were thinking in their head.

Hey what did you recommend?

Thanks for sharing your experience. Wondering anyone tried using rooftop slushie for prep? Seems like you can ask questions to Bird employees.

Given 100 million rows of data per day; tell us what you do next.

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Introduce yourself

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Walk through your resume

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It was all very informal. Discussed my experience as a data analysts at my previous company.

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There weren't really any difficult questions that I remember

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SQL typical questions and Python. Also plenty situational questions and making sure my background matched the position available.

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Basic SQL.

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If you were a superhero, which one will you be and why?

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What's COPPA? What's UUID/idfa/VAST tag? What's confidence interval? What's t-test? What is this SQL query doing? Give me an example that you promised to finish a task by a certain date but you failed to finish it on time.

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