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Loss Prevention Officer was asked...10 August 2009

Man walks into the store with an empty backpack. He grabs several items and you lose sight of him. The next time you see him he is exiting the store with a bulging backpack and the cashiers say he didn't ever make a purchase, what do you do?

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You cannot make a stop based upon the fact that you are missing several elements of the assumed theft. He could have easily ditched the merchandise while he was not in sight of the officer. Stopping a suspected SL based upon this scenario is absurd and may have potential legal ramifications. Less

Sadly, you have to let the individual leave the store you cant stop him with knowing(by actually seeing the event) he has stolen property. Also it wouldnt be considered stolen unless he left the store and got to a certain part of the parking lot which every store is different Less

Always remember to follow the six steps. Unless you observed him attempting to conceal items and head past the Point of Sale towards the exit, you have no legal cause for stopping him. Even asking him to empty his backpack is a sticky legal situation. He has his fourth amendment rights, even on private property. If at any time he feels he was detained (IE You standing between him and the exit, or he is surrounded by employees) it could attempt to press charges of Unlawful Detainment. Detainment is often associated with force, such as handcuffs or holds, but it is as simple as inhibiting some ones ability to exit. Less

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What makes you want to work for Kohl's?

1 Answers

I said, Kohl's is a company that has invested a large amount of money in building stores and distribution centers, which shows that in this economically depressed time they are one of the few companys that is not only surviving but succeeding. He seemed impressed with my answer and moved on to a discussion about pay rate. Less


a killo of an iron and a killo of a feather, which one is the heaviest?

2 Answers

there are same. killo is killo

the heaviest is killo of iron

Cub Foods

What would you do if a store associate approached you and informed you that they just witnessed a customer conceal an expensive item into their coat pocket?

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I would “kill the customer with kindness:” Give the customer my full attention and bog them down with customer service questions and repeatedly ask if there is anything I can do to help them. This often makes the thief nervous and can dissuade them from stealing. If it turns out the customer didn’t steal anything and the associate was wrong, this technique won’t have caused any harm to the customer or negatively influenced their experience. Less

You let it go!! You cannot make an apprehension on the word of anybody else!


There were no questions, just the request that I purchase their training program. Not sure if there was even a job to be had.

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Hello, I applied for premium auditor. they sold me the training program because I didn't have experience in auditing. I downloaded the manual and went over the videos and quizzes. I noticed several discrepancies on both. They said that the manual had errors. ok, I finised the training and signed a contract which I felt still not ready for the job , then I got another orientation and a test. I understood more this time on the orientation it was more clear. the persons I spoke they usually sound very nice. but the compensation for people in the field in not enough to cover all the expenses we have. Like the message above the company wanted to send me out of town like more than an hour and 15 minutes at least out of town. they just wanted to pay me 15 dollars per hour , becuase that hour i wasnt doing anything just driving. but they don't take in consideration that I am using my automobile and adding miles to it plus tires, I have to pay insurance and of course it consumes fuel both ways. they pay you just 30 dollars per job even though you might take longer. they don't count also the time you consume searching for information about the client, calling clients, insurance, input data etc... all that time is free you are giving that time. I am sorry I am writing this too long but I wouldnt like for another person to make the mistake I made. I lost a lot of time in the trainings because i wanted to do it right and it is not worth it. it is very interesting but they don't want to compensate people in the fields. I think other jobs like underwritter may pay better because premium auditors and loss prevention are always open. Less

Can't believe they are selling their manual. If you like min wage jobs (or less) it's a great place to work. They say they pay $36/hr but they cap the amount of time they pay per job and there's no way you can do a job in the time they alot. Plus you pay all your own expenses-gas, office supplies, everything. They'll also assign jobs that take an hour to get to and don't pay drive time. They'll tell you that you can not accept the job but if you do they won't assign any work in your area. Less

Securiguard Services

Report writing Scenario based They send video and we have to write report

2 Answers

No sir only 4 year experience please I want job in Canada any job sir

I am 20 years Experience. In security service.


What is my previous experience

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I have worked convenient stores in the past . I am a people person. I love to interact with the public. Less

I have worked convenient stores in the past. I am a people person and love to work with the public. Less

J. C. Penney

I studied for a few days and really thought hard about any questions I could get asked. My LP manager gave me a heads up on what his boss would ask me in the next interview. He gave me the confidence to just go in there and own it and I did.

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Comment: Thanks for this. I've never come across this in an interview but it helps to be able to know that something like this was asked so I can prepare for it just in case it comes up. Less

Describe yourself in three words. Research good answers. Choose which applies to you and give examples and why. Never just use one word answers. Less

Lowe's Home Improvement

How would you respond to an associate who broke company policy.

2 Answers

Investigate the situation thoroughly and then form a conclusion

Find out what the reason for the infraction was.


Describe your strengths and weaknesses.

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What were some of the other questions they asked and how long was each interview. Less

Describe a time you overcame a hardship and how you did it.

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