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Introduce yourself. What is chill casting. What is the use of chills. Tell about the projects you did in b tech. Some question on basics of material science.

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Explained the answer in a precise way and be confident.

Which position do you want after 5 years 9in the company.

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Given three matrices A, B, and C with their size specified. You need to calculate A*B*C. How would you go about it? (A*B)*C or A*(B*C)?

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What is DOF and how it helps in designing a Robot ?

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1.What is the max liquid limit, plastic limit? 2.What is preconsolidation stress. How is preconsolidation ratio calculated? 3.What is stress distribution below a uniform settlement foundation. 4.Tell us about your Btech Project.

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all question will according to your specialization in which they are calling you..................they can ask any question from basic to zenith in specialization field.

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IC engine working related basic questions.

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