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Huawei Technologies
Machine Learning Researcher was asked...7 December 2018

How would you mitigate overfitting?

2 Answers

Dropout, Data augmentation

add more data, dropout, data augmentation


the difficulty for coding test is like leetcode medium or hard...

2 Answers


how about math test?


Leetcode medium questions such as dfs, bfs, dp.

1 Answers

just use the standard solutions, it's easy


Short coding question

1 Answers

Question on statistical concepts/intuition

Bloomberg L.P.

More on machine learning algorithms. Easy coding question

1 Answers

Can you provide more details on the questions please?


Implement a normalising flow based on the Glow paper.

1 Answers

Code needs to be completed in a notebook


Describe a project where things didn't work out as expected.

1 Answers

Gave example


You have a linked list of numbers, how would you return the median ? Follow up, what is the worst case performance?

1 Answers

Basic data structures. Sorting algorithm. Calculate indices used to return or compute the median. Use indices in loop. Less


They gave me an example situation with 10 labels and asked me how I would treat the data to have a model training. Each label also had a specific data type. They only accepted one specific solution

1 Answers

I used a DL model but they wanted a Data Science reply :-)


a hard question about hyperplane projections, the probability of two dices summing 6 and effect of confounders in a linear regression.

1 Answers


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