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How to compare two files in COBOL and print the common records into a flat file.

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A project that you have worked on, difficulties faced and how was it overcome?

They gave me a pen and paper for writing down the code from the scratch.Interviewer was very nice and polite person.Indeed he was helping me.But the type of questions he asked was completey logic based.

Cut the rectangular cake into 8 pieces in 3 cuts?

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Questions related to perform, static and dynamic call, linkage section, call statement. Started with tell me about yourself. I felt as though interviewer didn't wish to take my interview. The person taking the interview was from Hyderabad and was in Mumbai.

Group discussions personal interview English asscent

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They have asked basic questions covered cobol,db2 and JCL and they asked do you knowledge on CICS They asked scenarios in cobol join keys in JCL

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