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What was the important feature of Lean system? Who sets the Standardisation benchmarks? Can the Standardisation for Toyota be implemented for Rolls Royce, if yes why, if no why not?

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Asked about the current role and projects

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Same one-liner question both times - about my previous experience. And a bit about why I was interested in that role.

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they asked "do you believe in planning"

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There were 3 job roles: Management consulting, Forensics and Ethical hacking. Surprisingly MC PI had technical questions that to about software testing. I was unable to answer s/w testing questions and as it turned out i was rejected because of the very few questions that i din't answer in s/w testing, same was told to me when i asked for feedback. Around 25 people were shortlisted for HR round. Questions were pretty default like why kpmg? your 5year plan? Will you relocate? Are you willing to travel more?

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Out of which around 18 were taken. Surprisingly lot of girls were taken, and this is the scenario in all the companies that came to our college till date. So if sisters go get placed and brothers may the force be the with you all! :) KPMG is really good company. No one should have second thoughts on this! I think that i dint like is one of the interviewer was constantly on phone and didn't bother much about the interview. And in my case they took 3 hours to say no. So one request from my side to KPMG is. Please don't make people wait and make them build false hope and then break there heart.