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Business case

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Puzzles are a part of Interviews, based to test Lateral/ Innovative Thinking

How many people visit Domino's Powai? How will you increase the customer base?

Business case on growth of nutritional supplements in India

They asked a lot on the skill sets mentioned in your resume. Since most of the interviewers are reviewing you for requirements in their team, interviewers are heavily judging you on the various projects' requirements at that time. However, during these direct questions, senior management also evaluates your personality fit for the organization.

1) describe the work you have done in your previous firm 2) walk me through/tell me how would you create a process for an arbitrary firm requesting services from this department (proposal and requirements) 3) You have 2 hours to create a presentation (3 cases given)

There were three stages. The first stage was the aptitude test where my English, quantitative and logical skills were tested. Basically, you have to be prepared with time and work, profit and loss and similar questions. I got through that one. Then comes the technical interview where I was asked all sorts of questions about my main and mini projects mentioned in my CV. Here, even if you are not sure about the answer, don't lose your cool, be confident in whatever you say. Make sure that they understand what you are trying to explain. In this round I was interviewed by a panel of three KPMG employees. I was asked questions about micro controller and microprocessor about which I had thorough knowledge. Then they asked about few of my biggest achievements in the past year. I was able to impress them and easily got through that round. The final round was a one on one interview with the manager. This is a casual talk. No worries. Although, be certain not to say anything negative because that makes a very bad impression about you in regard to your adaptability and flexibility. All this started at 12:30 pm and was over by evening 5:30 pm. I was told the HR guys would contact me in a few days. After two days I got a mail from an HR person stating that my candidature had been selected. Now to proceed with the rolling out of the offer letter I was required to mail them all my B.Tech mark sheets etc. They call this a background check. I did as was asked but did not get any response after that for exactly two weeks.So the next day I sent a follow up letter to one of the HR persons who had earlier emailed me, to reaffirm my interest in the position. The same day, they mailed me the offer letter. Moral- Always send a 'Thank You' letter after the interview and a follow up letter if there is no response from a company for more than 10 days.

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