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Bailey Nelson
Senior Manager - Global Customer Care was asked...4 October 2017

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

2 Answers

In a higher role within the company

Because employee worth always with his job place .

CVS Health

Tell me about a time when you tackled your job with passion. Tell me about a time when you helped a customer who was angry. Tell me why you applied to work at CVS.

2 Answers

I always take my jobs with passion. I love helping people everyday to make their day better than it started. When I am finished with a customer they always feel that everything was solved, and if it is not then my job is not finished. I just had a customer that came in this last week for a product that I did not have anymore and they drive 4 hours from the Indian reservation. I did some investigating on what they were really looking for in their new vehicle, checked the lot and a couple other locations until I found the perfect car for him. He actually left with a better vehicle than what he originally had in mind. I love making people happy and that is how it should be no matter how upset the customer is or if they disrespect me I can 99.9 percent of the time listen to their problem and fix it as quick as possible. The reason why I applied to CVS is because I am a people person and problem solver. This looks like the perfect job for my needs. Less

A offer was extended to me, but a drug test is not included I wonder what is .. currently waiting on my email from certiphi on my next steps Less

Regarding work experience in last employment. Reason for change

1 Answers

I have answered all the questions very nicely, and they selected me


The questions were not difficult if you have project management background - but when they asked what I was looking to make, we had an immediate miss-match.

1 Answers

I was looking to make low to mid $60ks at the time, obviously more than they were willing to pay. Less


Very generic, do you know PowerPoint and those types of questions

1 Answers

tried to pinpoint examples so they could see I had depth of experience

Advantage Communications

What is required to install a T1?

1 Answers

power, backboard

Health Media Network

Would you give up your values for a large salary?

1 Answers

I said no?


On m'a posé des questions sur l'activité et les produits de l'entreprise, le SEO et le SEA, Google My Business.

1 Answers

Bien étudier les produits que l'entreprise offre et ce que c'est le SEO et le SEA. Less

LaSalle Network

What is your work experience? What is the amount of compensation are you looking for? Would you be interested in temporary employment?

1 Answers

I told them I am currently looking for permanent FT employment. They were going to keep my information on file. Less


Why I was interested in residential construction, how I saw my skills/experience applying to these roles, how I handled stress, an example of how I handled an unpleasant customer service experience or conflict in the workplace, what my strengths are, etc.

1 Answers

With logic and honesty, which they seem to value. And good grammar.

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