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Toyo Tire North America
Manufacturing Technician was asked...8 November 2016

They had a picture of a two clocks one with a short pendulum one with a long pendulum they asked which one runs faster...

4 Answers

If the only difference in the images is the length of the pendulum, then that's all you can say has changed, so you answer as if the clocks are identical with exception of the pendulum length. Less

It's basic physics. The shorter pendulum swings more quickly.

Nope it's not "basic physics" a clock pendulum is not driven by gravity it is driven by a "pendulum drive unit" that continually "kicks" the pendulum to ensure that it stays at the proper speed so that is why a clock designed with a short pendulum will run at the same speed a clock designed with a long pendulum... old school clocks before the drive unit would use weights and pullies to ensure the pendulums swung at the proper speeds... Less

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Schneider Electric

Was i looking for long term

2 Answers



Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services

What is GMP means

2 Answers

GMP ensures pharmaceutical products are consistently manufactured as per the quality standards Less

Gmp means good manufacturing practice

Intel Corporation

What is a semiconductor. What is a micrometer and what is a nano meter. How do you neutralize a strong acid. What is the Ph scale and what is litmus paper used for.

2 Answers

A semiconductor is a material that is usually non-conductive at standard conditions but will start to conduct electricity at different conditions due to temperature or combination of other conditions. A micrometer is 1/millionth of a meter and a nanometer is 1/10^-9 of a meter Less

I dont know

Intel Corporation

Convert .2 to a fraction and percentage

2 Answers

0.2 is 2/10 before it simplify. The fraction of 0.2 should be 1/5. If you put 2/10 to get the common denominator 100. You should get 20/100. Which 0.2 is 20%. Less

2/5 and 20%

Intel Corporation

Which system is better a single pulley system or a double pulley system?

2 Answers

A double pulley system is better.

A single pulley system is better.

Intel Corporation

What are the parts in a relay? Why would you use a relay instead of a transistor for a switch?

1 Answers

Mechanical relays can handle much higher currents than a transistor. (100 A vs < 50 mA) Optical relays are much more "plug and play" than a transistor. You don't have to worry about biasing or resistors or anything. For PCB circuit use you can use either a transistor or a low current optical relay. Both take up about the same size. Less

First Solar

What’s the formula for voltage?

2 Answers

V=IR and was told that this wasn’t correct.

Voltage=Current (I)*Resistance (R)

Trilink Biotechnologies

Do you plan on going to grad school?

3 Answers

This was unexpected because I feel like that is something that shouldn't disqualify you from getting a job Less

This is them figuring out if you will stay long term. They want to know how long they'll have you to do mundane work for them. At the same time, if you excel at the position, they'll remember the answer to factor whether or not to "promote" you to a lead position. Less

The above answer is correct. So always say “no” because it’s nobody’s business what your next move is, especially at such a starting-level position with high turnover at this company anyway. Saying yes to this question can only hurt you. Less


All of the questions were scripted prior to the interview. They ask mostly technical questions which in retrospect, had no bearing on the job that I applied for because Technicians are not allowed to make corrections or even suggest them.

2 Answers

I answered them well because I knew what was required to do the job. I was not allowed to do my job due to internal constraints. Less

What was the pay?

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