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Market research analyst Interview Questions


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They asked basic questions and wanted to know how can I connect my experience which wasn't relevant to the JD.

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I was just me.

Can you help me connect me with the HR?

apple = 20 papaya = 60 grapefruit = 80 pear = ?

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What is the salary package that you are expecting?

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Estimate the revenue of starbucks.

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Tell me about yourself and why are you interested in the reseach field?

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GDP,numeric system,population,case study ,regression and correlation,how and what to include in market research report for a new entrant in online women apparel ,difference between income and revenue,how would you calculate the market share (on the basis of revenue or sales volume or income or profit,whats the difference between the two ) , rank on excel and power point

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Retail Industry in India and Foreign

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If you do market research for a ghee manufacturing company and conclude that their sales will increase if they reduce the cost by 5 rs. Do you guarantee the company is going to benefit?

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Will a firm with its base market in another industry, be able to maintain a strong foothold in the active wear range market?

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