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They asked basic questions and wanted to know how can I connect my experience which wasn't relevant to the JD.

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I was just me.

Can you help me connect me with the HR?

apple = 20 papaya = 60 grapefruit = 80 pear = ?

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If you do market research for a ghee manufacturing company and conclude that their sales will increase if they reduce the cost by 5 rs. Do you guarantee the company is going to benefit?

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Number of beard oil sales in new delhi

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Will a firm with its base market in another industry, be able to maintain a strong foothold in the active wear range market?

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What are the reasons for the increase in the number of air conditioners?

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How would your MBA education help you in this job?

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Retail Industry in India and Foreign

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Why did you select Tcs and why TCS only?

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A sheet was given with a preset questionnaire. Questions were asked on that basis.

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