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Marketing Internship was asked...24 October 2020

What is your greatest weakness? At L'Oreal, we pride ourselves on being resourceful. When have you been able to resolve a problem in your workplace? How do you deal with multitasking? Any hobby or interests outside of work?

3 Answers

Hi !! Iam looking job I have sales perfume and cosmetics experience

Before 9years I have sales experience in dubai

I need work I have visat visa


A lillypad doubles in size everyday, on the 24th day it is at half size. How long does it take to get to full size?

2 Answers

On the 25th day (each day the size doubles - it is 1/2 of full size today. So 2x1/2 = 1 within 1 day) Less

48 days


Why beauty?

2 Answers

this one of the most important questions for the company, as a passion for the industry is a MUST. Less

Beauty creates confidence and satisfied your self- esteem. Would I rather choose to be makeup beautiful than natural ugly. Less


Analyze this advert

1 Answers

looking to understand your marketing knowledge & instinct

iCorps Technologies

What do you know or like about IT field.

2 Answers

Of course I had to be so fake and say how much I loved IT... Bla bla bla... But lets get real. Unless I work in IT then I don't care. I am in marketing and can market an IT business or a candy store and could care less about either. Less

IT is so needed in day to day operations and it’s very important I am in marketing and don’t particularly need to know too much high tech stuff but I do need technology in my basic tasks in order to efficiently complete them Less


4ps of marketing? or some current news related to FMCG sector

2 Answers

Product, Price, Place and Promotion. these Ps are from Producers perspective. We have 4 Cs from consumers' side. They are Customer solution( Product), Cost( price), Convenience( Place), Communication( promotion) . Less

Following are the 4Ps of Marketing 1. Product, 2. Price, 3. Place, $. Process Less

Cloud Console

Tell me about yourself ?

1 Answers

Energetic and Passionate MBA student working towards marketing at sanjay ghodawat university. I have completed my Engineering degree from BLDEA engg college, bijapur, karnataka. I would like to give my best of knowledge to your business and in return would like to learn more skills under your guidance Less


What particular strengths do you have?

1 Answers

I spoke on my experiences and how I have developed particular strengths.


Describe your previous experience relate to this job.

1 Answers

Describe a successful case you have done before.

What value will you add to Big basket

1 Answers

Value to the online companies canbe added by removing the false perspective from people's mind that online order materials xan be deceptive or not good. Less

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