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Master Teacher was asked...15 March 2015

What is your teaching style?

1 Answers

I like to get students involved and engaged in the learning process. For preschoolers that typically means a lot of singing and hands-on activities. Less

When was your last promotion?

1 Answers

Last 2011

What will you do if you won't be promoted?

1 Answers

I will apply again next year.

What willbyou do if you will get the promotion?

1 Answers

I will go to a quite place and thank God for the blessing.

What would you feel if you won't be promoted?

1 Answers

I think maybe it is still not time for me to be promoted. I will apply again next time. Less

Department of Education Philippines

How are you going to teach non-readers in a school? How are you going to facilitate district seminars? Can you mentor co-teachers, How?

1 Answers

By using the steps in IEP making to those who are severe NR, utilizing sound letter identification first before matching and sounding the combination/multiple words. On seminars you have to intensive research, projection and oral drills. I can mentor co-teacher by asking first his teaching difficulties before coaching the details. Less

When was your last promotion?

1 Answers

September 2011

Tell me about your self and your strenghtness

1 Answers

I answer based on my personal story. Just be honest and only us who knows best ourself Less

New York City Department of Education

What do you think are your qualities which make you qualify as a Master Teacher in the division?

1 Answers

The best qualities that i have to make me qualify are the following:I am a committed,devoted,responsible and a good communicator who can perform my job well even without the presence of my administrators and supervisors.. Less

Children's Home & Aid

Why do you want to work for Children Home and Aid?

1 Answers

Having to sit before an interview panel.

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