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Orange County School District
Math Teacher - Middle School was asked...6 July 2009

How would you handle it if you had a group of kids in line outside your classroom waiting to get to the next period and they were yelling and cursing and acting out (middle school in troubled neighborhood)?

3 Answers

I would tell them to please be respectful to their peers. Since I stand at the classroom door to welcome students as they enter the room, I would also remind them that their warm-up activity is on the board. Less

I’d tell those student in what light others see them whenever they start yelling, cursing, and/or acting out. If they ever want anyone to take themselves seriously, acting out, yelling, and cursing isn’t the way. Some will argue that they don’t care of what others think out them, but the problem is that they do care or else those specific students would be one of the most silent within the classroom. Less

I said that I would handle it in accordance with the policies of the school. I fumbled the question - I do not have any in class teaching experience. I did emphasize that I would try to show the kids respect and not let the situation get to that point. They were waiting for a 'magic' answer that I did not know and eventually I stopped riffing and we went to the next question. Less

Where should a teacher be in the classroom during class time? (ie. should the teacher stay up at the board, back at their desk or walk about the room)

3 Answers

The teacher should instruct from the front of the room, and then, when finished, walk about the room, offering advice and assistance to the students Less

In different zones, mostly in the power zone, i.e among the students focusing on what and how they are working. Less

Teacher should be back at their desk or walk about the room)

Tutor Doctor

what experience do you have teaching?

3 Answers

No I don’t but I love teaching I help my bro in elementary learning

15 years

I love teaching Mathematics and tutoring since 2009


I think the most difficult one was similar to: "A solution containing 30% juice is mixed with a solution containing 10% juice to make 100 gallons of solution containing 12% juice. How many gallons of the 30% solution was used?"

3 Answers

10 gallons of 30% and 90 gallons of 10% juice.

10 gallons of 30% and 90 gallons of 10% juice.

I set it up like this. (.30)(x) + .10(100-x) = .12( 100) and solved for x. x = 10 gallons... therefore 10 gallons of 30% and 90 gallons of 10% Less

NYC Teaching Fellows

All kinds of questions about various classroom scenarios.

2 Answers

The best I could, they ask questions for which every answer possible would be wrong. Less

I too was not given an offer in 2016 after making it to the final round. I think they did me a favor as well. At least you were given a reason. I was told due to the amount of applicants they couldn't possibly provide anyone with feedback (but they should). My issue with the "Interviewers" in the classroom, was that there was no diversity. In this great city of many creeds, the selection process should include evaluators who represent the city (and schools) not just one race, and I think that's a real problem You sound really smart and I hope that you are able to share your expertise with youngsters who are need of good role models. Less

Orange County School District

What would your final grade be (for the year) for a child that scored averages of 18%, 68%, 70% and 72% (high school math)?

2 Answers

That student’s final grade would be and 57%. Of course I’d have to explain to them why because the student averaged 70% and 72% in two separate quarters, but the work separately of those quarters term averages doesn’t count towards the work of the other Less

I said that I would give them a C (70). They liked this answer. The by the book way to score this is to give the kid the average of all 4 quarters - and an F. I said that this would kill the spirit of the kid and the interest to learn. They followed up with "what if there was abuse in the home during Q1? a divorce? homelessness?" and a few others. "Would it matter if the kid was rich and drove to school in the BMW?" Less

Tarrant County College

What times I'd be available to teach.

2 Answers


After they checked your credentials and filled out W4, I9 how long before you started? Less


If X is a real number, for what values of X is the following equation true? (3x-9)/3= x-3

2 Answers

x=6 (3(6)-9)/3 = 6-3 (18-9)/3 = 6-3 9/3=6-3 3=3

When solving this equation you will see that values equal to itself. Once this happens, then x contains all values. Less

Sowela Technical Community College
Math Tutor was asked...22 November 2014

The day that I was asked by a "boss" if I was cheating. All of the students that I tutored who got A's in the classes resulted in my integrity being questioned. The tests (which the students take in class) is worth 75% of their final grades in the class. Will this school get it together?

2 Answers

Doubtful that it will, sadly. I know a lot of drama happening and they like that better than education, it seems. Less

Seems to be that way.


How would you explain what a denominator is to a kid who doesn't know much about fractions?

2 Answers

It's the total number of pieces the pie is cut into. If they don't know much about fractions they're in 2nd or 3rd grade. Give them a real like application for it to make more sense Less

It is the total number of equal parts in one whole...

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