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Mechanical Designer was asked...16 November 2022

How would your experience in previous projects help you in this role.


What do you want to know about our company?

FVT Research

What skills do you possess that you think would directly apply to this position?

Lam Research

Basic mechanics and heat transfer questions.

Lam Research

Some basic consideration used for sheet metal design.

Lam Research

What is the use of ECO/ECN in engineering?

Lam Research

What is FEA? Explain a recent project where I applied Static structural analysis. Explain the pre processing work which I have done on the same.

Lam Research

Basic questions on 3D modelling approach, top down methodology and sheet metal operations in UG NX.

Lam Research

What are the types of RCA methods?

Lam Research

What is DFMEA?

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