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Le'Chris Health Systems
Targeted Case Manager, Mental Health (Medicaid Designation: Qualified Mental Health Professional) was asked...17 September 2014

I was asked to evaluate my coworkers - not people whom I'd supervised, but my fellow case managers and a psychologist who was in fact over me.

2 Answers

I said I didn't think it was appropriate for me assess the performance of peers with whom I did not interact directly or to comment on the effectiveness of a psychological therapist when I was not licensed in that field. The interviewer did not acknowledge my observation. Rather than refuse to answer I gave generally positive buzzword salads in lieu of actual assessment. Though all support agencies are businesses that deserve to make money, Le'Chris was more profit motivated than most. A reputation for going above and beyond on behalf of the people we served was considered a negative. Less

I am not clear about the interview question you were answering, but many times we may talk about people we both have worked with in the past and ask how they are doing just to break the ice as small talk. I will address with the supervisors to stick to the interview process, and to make a clear distinction and transition before having conversation that has no bearing on hiring. We have also improved our payroll communication process to eliminate issues and to resolve discrepancies quickly. Thank you for your service to your clients. We often discuss financial viability with our staff so they will understand the importance of accurate documentation. Many agencies that were in operation in September of 2014 are no longer in business because they did not pay attention to the financial aspect of providing services. As a result, they actually caused a disruption in services to clients. We will better explain to direct care staff that both sides of the service are important, and they are heart of the service. Less


Why did I leave my previous job.

1 Answers

I left for better benefits and job security.

Consulate Health Care

How long have you work for long term care.

1 Answers

My history with the SNF.

First Nations Community HealthSource

where do you see yourself in 5 years

1 Answers

Managing my department

Riverside Healthcare

my experience and qualifications

1 Answers

explained my overall experience

Elevance Health

Give us an example of a time when you were struggling to meet work goals because of conflicting priorities? How did you address the problem?

1 Answers

Keep responses relevant - answer the question. Provide specific examples. Breathe and be natural. Less

State of Mississippi

An applicant has been turned down for coverage and has become belligerent. How would you handle the situation?

1 Answers

Show how the program has crunched the numbers, but above all, remain calm, courteous and respectful during difficult times for those I am trying to assist. Less


How would you handle an upset client

1 Answers

calm them down and figure out their main concern


Are you looking to work part-time or full-time?

1 Answers


Barclays Center

Are you willing to be on call 24/7?

1 Answers

Yes, I am!

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