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How long it takes to you to prepare a CSR Text?

Why do you want to move into medical writing from research?

Some technical questions followed by: Are you single? Will you able to work late at night with teammates? Where do you stay in Mumbai?

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Difference between generic and brand drug.

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How do you manage conflicts in your professional life?

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Why you want this job?

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HR round: General questions regarding the past experience, take home salary, expected salary, notice period, personal details etc manager round:what are the challenges u faced while writing ICF Do u have experience in writing CSR what are the challenges, what is a narrative, which kind of narratives did write etc 3rd Round senior manager round questions: tell about yourself, what is rating that u give for yourself from 1 to 10, do u have experience in writing CSRs, How will u prepare CSR Written test: A cioms form was given and they asked to prepare a narrative (time limit: 45 mins), 2nd one was a three page CSR document and they asked to review for grammar and punctuation error along with formatting.

about the technical aspects and my previous experience on therapeutic areas, good testing aspects they have. Related my experience to their current projects.

written test followed by f2f

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