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Schryver Medical
Mobile Phlebotomist was asked...29 June 2016

What is the order of draw?

3 Answers

How I was taught was Sterile Yellow, Light Blue, Red/Gold, light Green, Dark Green Lavender, Black/Gray Less

Cultures, red, blue, green, sst, lab.

Red blue purple gold gray


Are you ok with the patients having an attitude at times.

2 Answers


Yes, I understand the time in which im going into the patients room so I will have compassion. Less

Gulf Coast Blood Center

How do you generally handle high stress situations?

2 Answers

I assed the situation make a plan of action and execute

Are you for certain as of 2019 that they run background checks and if so what EXACTLY are they looking for ? Less

Diagnostic Laboratories & Radiology

How would you draw a blood culture?

2 Answers

Alcohol tops, use iodine scrub, start with aerobic bottle then anaerobic bottle

Use butterfly needle. Also, draw one arm, wait 15min and then draw on opposite arm if available. Invert bottles 8-10times. Less

MetroStat Diagnostic

How experienced are you at drawing geriatrics?

1 Answers

If a student is straight out of school and needs the experience, the opportunity to prove themselves should be given Less

Schryver Medical

What tube is used for a certain kind of test? Example, what tube is used for a PT/INR?

1 Answers

Light blue top tube

American Red Cross

Tell me a little about yourself?

1 Answers

Told them where I am from as well as I told them about my previous experience working as a phlebotomist. Less


Asked many questions based on former customer service and teamwork experiences.

1 Answers

Come prepared with answers to team building and customer service scenarios.

Gulf Coast Blood Center

How often are you late?

1 Answers

This question is VERY important because they have a point system for attendance and tardies. Less

Community Blood Center

Why do you think you would be a good candidate to work at Community blood Center

1 Answers

I want to help others, and likes the meaning behind community blood Bank and what they do. I wanna be a part of that Less

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