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Mobile Product Manager was asked...17 November 2010

Do you know what "Peak Oil" is? Yes? good. You are the product manager of Peak Oil for Google. What do you do?

4 Answers

peak oil means the oil production reaches the maximum and after which the rate of product enters terminal decline. i guess for this question they are asking how you keep it maximum as long as possible and when it enters terminal decline, what do you do about it. Less

Send search parties out to find new oil repositories. :-)

Leave it up to them to put up a premise that is utterly ridiculous. Peak oil , by definition, is not controlled by anyone. It is the notion that there is a finite timeframe where the oil is no longer. How can a product manager manage "peak oil" when they can't own all of it... I thought all Googlers were smart. Less

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Define yourself in three adjectives and why?

1 Answers

Curious. Diligent. Passionate.


3 things that you like in myheritage app

1 Answers

1. i liked the balloons that appear next to a name on the family's tree that has birthday on that month. 2. The email notifications that remind users about family member's birthdays. 3. premium features that are partly exposed in order to create curiosity. Less


I never thought they would ask about my college and questions related to that!

1 Answers

Have critically evaluated stories that support your resume!

Bumble Inc.

1. Give me an example of when you have used A/B testing in your previous work? 2. The new version of the app is getting less 'votes' (swipe left or swipe right - either like or dislike the person). How do we fix this? (Discuss - 5 marks) 3. What experience have you got delivering mobile products at scale? 4. What analytics programs did you use for the development of your mobile app?

1 Answers

1. I gave 3 examples of A/B tests. Neither of which particularly impressed the interviewer. Strongly recommend that you have something dating related that has been done at scale. 2. I spoke about design and the confusion that users might have using the new version of the app. We talked about how the functionality between the two products was different and swiping left previously scrolled through photos whereas now it is a 'NO' for match. I spoke briefly about analytics and examining where users are clicking. I asked if the time that the users were spending in the app was the same... no clear answer was given. 3. As an entrepreneur with genuine experience releasing mobile apps to 10,000 - 20,000 users, I can tell you that this isn't good enough. You must have worked with about 6 developers in an organisations with a host of composite teams. Think Tinder, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. They are looking for the big boys. Fresh blood isn't really encouraged. Recruitment is safe, training is not an option due to resources and speed. 4. Do your research - ask someone on LinkedIn what programs they use and then tell them this. Seemingly the systems I'm used to (and have demonstrated the capacity to learn) don't provide me with transferrable skills. In short, make your C.V., cover letter, and interview deliver the following message: I've already been working for Badoo, you just didn't know it. Less

Golden Frog

Tell me about your current role and how that's relevant to this opportunity?

1 Answers

The President contacting you was a lie the next step is a face to face. You don't want to work there it's a joke. Less

Aeria Games

They simply asked me how much the Statue of Liberty weighs. That's it.

1 Answers

Didn't even care about who I am


J'ai 8 balles complètement indiscernables visuellement et une balance Roberval (à plateaux). Une des balles est plus lourde. Comment, en 2 pesées, trouver ladite balle ?

1 Answers

1ère pesée : 3 balles sur le plateau de gauche, 3 sur le plateau de droite. Si la balance est équilibrée, alors la balle lourde est l'une des deux restantes, ce qui peut être vérifié via une seconde pesée. Si la balance est déséquilibrée, alors on pèse 2 des 3 balles pour la seconde pesée, une sur chaque plateau. S'il y a toujours équilibre, alors la balle lourde est celle qui a été mise de côté. Less


You type "" into your browser. What happens?

1 Answers

It takes you to and defaults the cursor on the search field!

Cisco Systems

I was asked if I had ever made a fundamental shift for a product (how it's monetized, fundamental changes to features, etc) that I had previously worked for. The interviewer followed up with wanting to know what led me to the conclusion that this change was required and how we planned and executed the change.

1 Answers

I focused on a major change that was highlighted during basic ethnographic research conducted on early adopters of our first released product. I focused on how we tested the change using lean methods, executed A/B tests to validate it, along with a detailed metrics and analytics study to ensure we were considering downstream concerns, and subsequent communication to our clients and stakeholders. Less

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