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Navy Federal Credit Union
MOrtgage Loan Originator was asked...26 February 2018

Why do you want to work in this department

2 Answers

Did they contact you to let you know you didn’t get the job?

I told them that I wanted to work for Navy Federal first and foremost, but that I was very interested in the mortgage industry Less

Residential Home Funding

My experience

2 Answers

Reviewed with them my experience and skill level based on success with prior employers Less

I have 5 years of Residential expierience, from Refinance to New home purchases, secondary Mortgage expierience. Internet leads, cold calls and networking with Real Estate Agents. I've even apent time with a few at open houses when asked. Less


Describe a time when you had an irrate person to deal with due to mistrust and failed actions and how you overcame the situation. What was the result?

2 Answers

Always remain calm and isolate the irate person to a private room, if possible from other employees and customers. Listen intently with the objection to give a solution and determine what went wrong. Could be due to miscommunication, promising and not delivering. Be the solution. Less

We have irrate people throughout the military, so the question was rather easy. However, applying it in a business sense was a little tricky since many times, as the senior person, we have much more authority with which to act and fix the situation. Less


What was my very first job?

1 Answers

I told them that my very first job was working in an embroidery shop part time while I was in high school. Less

NEXA Mortgage

Did you get an offer-continued? As there is no option provided for a contingent offer I'm still considering current offer and have not declined or accepted the offer at this present time.

1 Answers

Interview questions Monthly Average number of loans generated?


Are you current with your CE's (mandatory continuing education)?

1 Answers

No, I had not taken the CE exam the month prior because I wasn't certain I wanted to continue in this field until I had heard all that CashCall had to offer and it sounds like something I would really excel at. (CashCall wanted my experience and paid for my CE's as well as licensing in 4 other states). Less


Why did you leave your last job as a Mortgage loan officer?

1 Answers

Working in a tight economy where you are required to obtain your own clients is rough and I would be a much better sales man if I had prequalified customers in front of me and I was willing to forego a normal loan officers commission of 2-3% of an entire loan per application in exchange to hustle numbers of applicants and lock them in at unbeatable rates like CashCall offered so I would be willing to leave my prior job (I was still employed) to lateral over to CashCall. Less

M & M Mortgage

Did I take my NMLS exam and pass ?

1 Answers


U.S. Bank

Can you read a rate sheet?

1 Answers

Yes. (follow up will be a roll play scenario)

Cardinal Financial Company

What is the most important thing about your work environment

1 Answers

Humor - the ability to laugh even under pressure. What we do is really stressful and laughter is vital to my handling of that stress Less

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