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Knowing that not from core Networking background they asked some packet level question and protocol flow

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I mentioned this is not which I have worked on, then the interviewer was looking here and there and then changed the question.

More on Technical like Data structure and algorithm, sorting

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How do you differentiate between unicast and multicast data? They give a scenario to troubleshoot the issue. Say there is flooding in the network, how do you identify the issue?

print level order traversal of tree with delimeter in each level

Design TinyURL MaxSumPath in a 2D array - using DP stack using queue and vice versa deque using circular array graph - find second level connections of a graph

data structures, C and operating system concepts

Debounce vs throttling , i didn't remember exact quest but it was like Traversing complete json object recursively and finding inside it. Question on promise , Understanding current Project's design in which you are working . Finding multiplication of any 3 no should be max . including all boundary condition. Design Round - designing calculator and 1 more i don't remember. Designing Add to cart type of feature using vanilla js. converting multiple sorted array into one sorted array . Few Common js ques.

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