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In case of floods, the funds given to farmers as loan are not being re-payed. How should the bank as a financial institution react to this crisis.

4 Answers

The bank should take this opportunity to help the farmers this year and show the case as a CSR activity and try to recover the funds in the following years.

The bank should first send notice to farmers about their re-payment of bank loan and give certain amount to pay the loan at every year.

Banks need to help them in investing for the next season and try to recover out of it.

Tell me something about your current job profile?

3 Answers

What are the specific parameters you would look in iron castings to ensure soundness, how is GD&T is useful to QA and other related questions on manufacturing and Welding allied fabrication technologies.

2 Answers

Why should we hire you?

2 Answers

Tell About yourself ? Why are you leaving current job ? There would be questions on current job.

2 Answers

why to join Bank??

2 Answers

You must be knowing that company as not doing well , but still why you want to join?

2 Answers

Functions of Excel i.e. V-Look up

2 Answers

About my role and about their company Why am I looking for change What value I will add in the organization

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