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Ok Suppose My Daughter said to me that in 2016 , her age is same as the last two digits of her birthday year and then her Grandfather came into the room and he also said the same thing that his age is also the same as last two digits of his birthday year. Find out what is age of Daughter and her Grandfather

5 Answers

grandfather 58 daughter 08

Can you explain how did you conclude to this answer?

08 of daughter – Her birth year 2008 so as off 2016 – 2008 = 08 years 58 of grand father – His birth year is 1958 so as off 2016-1958 = 58 years

Ok , Let's have some problem . There are 3 ants on an equilateral triangle and they can move in either direction , what is the probability that they will never intersect and what is the probability that any two of them will intersect.

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basic Algorithms used in data science like different regression and classification algorithms. Their applications in real world.

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Printing duplicate elements in an array, Printing total sum of the prime numbers in an array, printing array elements in ascending order.

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Technical questions along with situational strategies required

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they asked me about the flexibility like if i was ready to work in rotational shifts?

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Oracle SQL related questions Indexing n types of , functions, triggers n....

1 Answer

What do you know about NSEiT

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Delete Duplicate Elements from a table using sql query in oracle.

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