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Associate Interview Questions in Mumbai


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SQL basic queries. Linux basics.

10 Answers

When did you have the test?

After your test when you got the call for further rounds please reply because i have also given the same hacker earth on 28th may

No...Even I am waiting for the call.

Why do you want to join jp Morgan

7 Answers

Are you comfortable in flexible shifts ?

5 Answers

What were your responsibilities in your previous job role?

4 Answers

Ok Suppose My Daughter said to me that in 2016 , her age is same as the last two digits of her birthday year and then her Grandfather came into the room and he also said the same thing that his age is also the same as last two digits of his birthday year. Find out what is age of Daughter and her Grandfather

5 Answers

what are your strength and weaknesses?, they look for stability of the employee

3 Answers

What are the different types of mutual funds

3 Answers

Career Oriented : Where do you see yourself after 5 years

3 Answers

There is a 100 storey building, find me the highest floor from which if you throw an egg down on the concrete, it won't crack.

3 Answers

What is you philosophy in life?

2 Answers
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