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If after a meeting, 36 handshakes are exchanged, how many people were present at the meeting.

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Choose between two options: two eight inches or one sixteen inches pizza

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Tell me something about yourself?

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From starting that have accepted themselves that they are junior and also below to my experience , which surely this is the truth & fact which they have told to me and accepted from there part

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Calculate NPV (Net Present Value) with pen & paper

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they were missing the knowledge of network role, online transactions & offline transactions , offline gates transactions, Role of base24 switch , they don't have idea about how gates works, sam card reader, How sam over rights to chip .

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One of the junior fellow asked me why we need a card from bank( or any bank card) to go open loop. This question itself a ? It shows that they were not having compliance idea like rbi, , payment settlement act

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The questions were on closed loop and only closed loop , So i have to explain them loop and open loop , i saw that they were not interested to hear any open loop terminology

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I have worked with reputed & renown company like TCS as a Business Analyst but I find this “LogisticsNow” company very funny. “LogisticsNow”, here the CEO takes your interview which is OK but gauging a candidate by his/her ACADEMICS & NOT SKILLS which is inappropriate. To portray in a better way, we can say if this guy would have been one among a Board Of Directors in cricket association(thank GOD he is not) he must have NOT SELECTED Sachin Tendulkar. He would have advised, this guy is just SSC pass, what more we can expect him to perform in cricket carrier ? I was not interviewed because my academics was not up to his expectations & asked abruptly to leave. For that purpose, I don’t understand why I was called ? If before joining the company, the interviewer has this kind of immature mentality & treats the candidates like this, what if one has joined the company & he/she has to go through ? I am happy that I was not interviewed by a person who I think does not deserve to take my interview, genuinely that would have been a waste of time ! In our democracy, we still face people who are immature & who doesn’t know on what parameters the candidates should be gauged & they come forward, have an idea of starting up a new company. So it is as simple as that, if you have a good academics & do not care for your self-respect, can blindly walk through this company. Because I am quite sure they will only check & will give more importance to your academics & it seems, it is perfectly alright if you have 0 skills…. God bless !

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Will you be able to prepare the presentation and are you well versed with the Excel software?

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