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If after a meeting, 36 handshakes are exchanged, how many people were present at the meeting.

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Choose between two options: two eight inches or one sixteen inches pizza

4 Answers

they were missing the knowledge of network role, online transactions & offline transactions , offline gates transactions, Role of base24 switch , they don't have idea about how gates works, sam card reader, How sam over rights to chip .

2 Answers

what is business analyst ? what are the requirement ? what if project will not complete on time ? what do you know about bill desk company ?

1 Answer

Tell me something about yourself?

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Minimum time taken to burn a rope if it is of 8 meters in length and burns at a rate of 1 meter per minute

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Basic Questions about your previous learning BA Concepts and scenarios

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What does SWIFT stand for?

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From starting that have accepted themselves that they are junior and also below to my experience , which surely this is the truth & fact which they have told to me and accepted from there part

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Calculate NPV (Net Present Value) with pen & paper

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