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If you had 26 hours in your day , how would you spend those additional two hours.

9 Answers

The two additional hours i would spend in reading, working out(gym, sports), and travelling over weekend.

in sleeping

i would like to spent in work.

Imagine that you are in a forest and because you wandered away from your group , you are now lost and stranded. You have no means of communication with the outside world and nobody to rely on. What would you do?

5 Answers

Explain your current project

4 Answers

Java program in round 3 was the most difficult question in my case. A matrix halfly-filled with numbers - almost randomly was given . And You need to fill the blank matrix of same size with those numbers in similar arrangement in a program using 2D arrays and loops.

3 Answers

There is an array of size n which consists of any numbers from 1 to n .Find the numbers in the array which are appear more than once

5 Answers

What is you philosophy in life?

2 Answers

You have a 3 litre container & a 5 litre container filled with water to the brim.You also have a 5 litre container which is empty.How would you extarct or make an exact amount of 4 litres of water in any of the containers. You are not allowed to throw the water outside the containers. You can transfer the water from 1 Container to the other.

2 Answers

you achieve your target in well advance, how ?

2 Answers

why should we hire you??

2 Answers

What will you do if your worker has lost his hand and at the same time you cannot stop the work since it will cost millions of dollars to the company??

2 Answers
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