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Graduate Engineer Trainee Interview Questions in Mumbai


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If you had 26 hours in your day , how would you spend those additional two hours.

9 Answers

The two additional hours i would spend in reading, working out(gym, sports), and travelling over weekend.

in sleeping

i would like to spent in work.

Sell the pen to a person without hands

2 Answers

What are your strong subjects?

1 Answer

I was interviewed by 5 member panel (3 Technical and 2 HR) . I was asked to explain different thermodynamic cycles, difference between enthalpy and entropy, many questions on heat transfer i remember

1 Answer

How to design a shaft?

1 Answer

about project and technical papers presented

1 Answer

Interviewer was from engines department: Asked questions related to practical correlations of thermodynamic concepts in automobile. Say for example he asked me to give practical example of Adiabatic process ie.; No heat tranfer between the system and the surrounding.

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Describe the Joule Thompson effect ?

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