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The number of lilies in a pond double every day. So, on the first day of the month there is one lily. On the second day, two lilies. Then the next day four lilies, then eight, sixteen, thirty two, etc. If the pond is full on the 30th day of the month, what day is it half full?

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21th day


What do think the culture here at Expeditors means?

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If there are 2 frogs in one minute in a box.If at every minute the no of frogs in the box doubles and at 70th minute the box gets full.Then at what minute the box was half filled with frogs?

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how many hours of coding u do everyday?

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how JVM works.

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Interview question like that Q: 01 Given: 11. public static void parse(String str) { 12. try { 13. float f = Float.parseFloat(str); 14. } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) { 15. f = 0; 16. } finally { 17. System.out.println(f); 18. } 19. } 20. public static void main(String[] args) { 21. parse("invalid"); 22. } What is the result? A. 0.0 B. Compilation fails. C. A ParseException is thrown by the parse method at runtime. D. A NumberFormatException is thrown by the parse method at runtime. Answer: B

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String related questions

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questios are from java, spring, hibernate

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Heap memory based question

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