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You are Product Manager at YouTube and you suddenly realize that you have viewership has fallen by 50%. How would you figure out what happened.

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My first response was to say that as a YouTube PM if you didn't know your viewership had fallen 50%, there are more serious issues here and you probably should be fired. I didn't approach this the way the interviewer wanted - there are many books that cover how case interviews are to be structured, but frankly given my experience level I wasn't expecting such a bizarre conversation. I have been on both sides of the interview process, and this approach strikes me as a particularly bad way to hire PMs since it isn't reflective of what happens on the job, as opposed to using it to hire a Junior Consultant at McKinsey. The success (or lack of it) of this me-too knock-off product is also indicative of where this approach has taken them.

Perhaps your throwing "how damn experienced I am" and " I am too good to follow the rules" pissed off the interviewer?

This is a standard question in facebook google Microsoft amazon and pretty much every large tech company. How did you approach it?

Mix of Case studies, puzzles, feature suggestion and practical problem-solving for given Business model.

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Product design, estimation, strategy

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1. Questions based on your CV & past experiences 2. Few Questions were you put in as a Product manager of Ziffi & take decision based on situations 3. Common question reason for change & why ziffi 4. Question asked by HOD being from Non Tech Background, How you manage tech team

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As a Product Manager, how you will get a job done from internal customers ? Considering you didn't head any verticals ?

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Why did you move from x company to y?

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Discussion - PM Introduced himself and his career graph followed by Introduction of myself. Q.1 Current Company profile | what i do & how the product function | why the product is not accessible | process how we follow | what I'm doing currently Q.2 Questions related to Mobile, how usually you interact with developers or go with the product launch or feature planning Q.3 General questions regarding Ridlr & further process of assignment & face to face rounds

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IT BA skills

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What would be your take in the company 5 years down the line.

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If the MAU of app is 20 mn and DAU is 1mn. What is wrong ?

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