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Imagine that you are in a forest and because you wandered away from your group , you are now lost and stranded. You have no means of communication with the outside world and nobody to rely on. What would you do?

5 Answers

I'd adapt

TATA Network would never let you down

I will try to get myself out of the forest through the road we entered into it. I will never get afraid of.

This was probably unexpected than difficult , the question was, "If you were on a trek/tour in a remote place and you were separated from your group and there is no way of communicating with them or tracking them, what would you do"?

2 Answers

bubble sort code in java..

1 Answer

None. He just asked to explain the different concepts of OOPs.

1 Answer

Automation of HVAC System

1 Answer

Examples of concepts of programming in real daily life.

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What is PCM?

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Goal in next 5 years

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advanced concepts of j2ee

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Why did you choose Diploma over usual HSC examination.

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