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Technical Support Engineer Interview Questions in Mumbai


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What do I know about technical support executive position

1 Answer

It includes all kind of support including hardware software and servers. and we have to resolve the issue of our client

Why you changing current job?

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OSI Model

1 Answer

There is no as such. But you have to be positive when they ask for Relocation.

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1. Tell me about yourself? 2. Why have you chosen this job

normal about your self and family basic sql queries dml , ddl, joins, truncate drop delete, ip,router ,switches,

-Was asked about Confluence and Wiki Markup -Made to design a mock website

1 Answer

linux command to search in a file, calculate subnet of a ip address etc.

SQL Syntax Queries, Complex Queries,

1 Answer

What is Telnet? What is IIS? How to install SQL Server? What are the differences between SQL joins? How to check connectivity between two servers?