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Technical support engineer Interview Questions in Mumbai


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Basically check communication skills. But don’t waste time if you have big dreams. Don’t get into trap

raid,basic networking commands, Linux and windows, AD, etc

networking scenario based questions, OSI layers, basic networking, backup storage, visualization, hyper v, SAN NAS, RAID, swtich router, app crash

difference between main stream sub stream basics of cctv

linux command to search in a file, calculate subnet of a ip address etc.

Conceptual SQL questions like what is triggers,index, views

tell me about yourself? talk about your hobbies goals strengths and weeknesses? speek on any topic? why should we hire you? where do you see yourself after 5yrs from now on? can you sign a bond aptitude is fully basic technical basic sql queries, client server architechture,jvm jre jdk, osi model tcp ip model ddl dml commands, difference between drop delete truncate.