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Questions related to Firewalls.

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what is DML?

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1st Round Telephonic 1) What is DORA process in DHCP 2) What is AD 3) How much layers comes in pictures when you open any website on browser 4) Explain OSI layer with function of each 5) Tell me about IP Address Classes 6) Tell me why class one IP address is from 0-126 only how it is defined 7) Tell me why OSI layers has formed who formed it why he feel to have OSI 8) Tell me on which port DNS Run 9) Tell me on which Port IMAP & MAPI works 10) Tell me about Ur last profile Roles & Responsibilities 11) How you will configure Network Printer

networking scenario based questions, OSI layers, basic networking, backup storage, visualization, hyper v, SAN NAS, RAID, swtich router, app crash

questions about wireless networking. your favourite networking topic, things mentioned in resume

what type technologies must be implement for security purpose ?

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About have worked on Lan/Wan, Desktop/Laptop Support. DNS,DHCP,IP, Domain,Active Directory,VPN, Tools If used.

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