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Why do you want to work for this company. Would you go for higher studies or continue with the firm

It began with a brain teaser, as it was mentioned as one of my hobbies.Following are few of the questions that were asked: 1:Tell me about the projects that you've made. 2:What is abstraction and polymorphism? How is abstraction achieved in java? 3:You have a file which contains multiple entries,each entry would have an IP address and the country name.You have to separate all of them according to their country names.Which data structure will you use? Explain its implementation

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Why did you sit for this company in spite of being from a non computer background

Tell me your strength and weaknesses ?

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Continuous Integration tools used, Collections API, Design Patterns.

what kind of a job are you expecting from deloitte..??

Asked me about my projects in resume and DBMS .

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Projects technical architecture. Process followed. Java general questions.

Asked me about the Internship Project .

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