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Technology Analyst Interview Questions in Mumbai


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they mainly asked about the data structure and algorithms

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i was able to solve all the problems except for one question on data structure

implementation of algorithms making some changes and with the result

Normal data structures and algorithm questions and basics of java. They might ask you about 'RISES' qualities that barclays tends to follow in their culture.

What was the most difficult thing you have done recently?

1. Real life application of C++ where C cannot be used 2. Basic data structures 3. What is scala? 4. Behavioral questions - challenges you have faced, how did you manage conflicting opinion in your team 5. Describe in details latest technology you have read about 6. What are the main challenges in that technology

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The weight of a boeing 747

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Are you a 9 to 6 kind of a employee or is it that you are a passionate worker...

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Questions about Data structure, OS, projects, OOP principles, Puzzles. Page life cycle questions

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