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What is the latest trend in deloitte?

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walk me through your CV

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Can view-state value be changed in page life cycle ? if yes then before which page life cycle event ? Collection and What is common between all collection types , Application of collection in .net framework ? Linq ? ? What is Difference between Datareader and Dataset ? Connected vs Disconnected architecture ? Execute Reader and Execute Scalar and Execute NonQuery ,Explain in detail WCF and Contracts used in it ? Clustered and Non Clustered Index ? Select Count(*) c1 , Count(*) c2 from employees returns 2 coloumns >> 100, 200 , then ExecuteScalar will retrieve which value

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CLS and CTS ? Difference between them.

1 Answer State management ?

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Tell me about yourself.

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Tell me about your projects in resume and Architecture of the project you worked on ?

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Why do you want to leave your current job? Why Deloitte?

They wanted to know the BEP for an ATM in terms of number of transaction.

I was asked about how to check the consistency of millions of records imported into a database from a legacy system.