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Java program in round 3 was the most difficult question in my case. A matrix halfly-filled with numbers - almost randomly was given . And You need to fill the blank matrix of same size with those numbers in similar arrangement in a program using 2D arrays and loops.

3 Answers

I managed to find pattern in number arrangement , but was unable to write a program that would do it.

Can you elaborate question again

Can you elaborate question again

Syntax on C language, During Interviews was asked about upcoming technologies.

1 Answer

Why did you choose Engineering?

2 Answers

aptitude was much easy , time and speed , work, relations

1 Answer

Mobile networking

1 Answer

Then they asked what you know about the company

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Details about projects

1 Answer

Is concepts like deadlock concurrency control etc

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Why i would hire you?

1 Answer

Swap two integers, say a =4 and b=6, without using a third variable.

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