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My previous experience.

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Explained my roles and responsibilities from my previous companies. About the course which i have done.

Dear Candidate, Since your identity is not known to us we are unable to cross verify your concerns, but we will still attempt to clear your doubts. We are not sure how many interviews you have attended, any experienced candidate would know that it is a standard procedure of having 2-3 rounds of interview, especially for technical positions. We are unable to check your interview and test papers, but just for your knowledge our technical tests have various degrees of difficulty, you probably have attempted the basic level and not the intermediate or advanced level test. We invite you to attempt the higher levels. Regarding interview in Hindi, when candidates struggle to reply in the English language, we do not mind using our national language. Do you have an objection if we use our national language for communication ? As for the wait, apologies if you had to wait for a long duration and the inconvenience caused to you (if any), but again any experienced candidate would know and be prepared to wait, especially when there are more than expected candidates for interview. Further option for hiring on contract or payroll is something that is decided as per mutual preference. Infact we believe this is an additional option to the employee. HR CyberSol

Do not reply on the name of HR. There is no HR in company. For god shake dont play emotion with emplyee. Close this company

Collection Generics List vs dictionary Class with get set property..write method to retrieve data from them with list Identity column Cluster and non cluster index Group by vs having SQL query Top 5 salary from different 10 departments Repeated word in string Replace repeated word Pseudo code for Hospital and doctor working

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Q. If there are temporary tables with same name in different databases, can those be accessed in same query window?

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1) Write few sql queries that includes all conditions,clauses etc (Given a white paper) 2) Explain .Net Architecture (i.e CLR,CTS etc..) 3) What is GAC? 4) What is the functionality of CAS which is a part of CLR? Have you implemented in your project and how? 5)A logical question ( In an election , 20% are invalid votes , winner got 55% votes , loser got 25% votes. So, how many votes did the winner got if the total votes are 10000) 6)How do you delete duplicate records in an sql table? 7)Difference between having clause and where in SQL.

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in sql server written test based on tricky querries about 2 nd max salary of emp

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Sql, Indexing, complex join queries, few theory questions...

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Simple pgm to calculate cutoff marks

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MVC default method call

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they asked oops concept like interface, pollymorphism, inheritance,encapsulation, abstraction,overloading overriding etc. and life cycle, validation control, state management and diff. between funtion and procedure, types of store procedure auto increment, find 2nd highest salary ect.

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First two technical round was really worth full and good. but in 3rd round I have doubt on psychological doubt on interviewer. In order to twist question, they twisted me to understand their question. They are not enough prepared how to twist technical question. Having a doubt on interview is good, BUT Interviewer should good communicator to ask twisted question. otherwise interviewee will get misunderstood and rejected.

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