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What is H.323?

3 Answers

Its a gateway control protocol developed by ITU-T. It is a suite of protocol.

H.323 is a standard for VOIP. It was originally developed to allow video conferencing network traffic to be carried over IP, but it rapidly was co-opted into the VOICE over IP movement. It really allowed voice over IP to happen. At this point, h.323 has to be in a network that wants to deploy/use voip phones. It's often used in conjunction with a QoS environment, because the H323 uses UDP, not TCP, and is therefore a 'best effort' delivery. THe network has to provide an environment that prevents packet loss or jitter...and that's what QOS is about

H.232 is an Internet Protocol used in Demand Circuit Networks like: Frame Relay, ATM. It can also be used in Ethernet, TCP/UDP/IP. Mainly used in the inter-network conferencing. H.323 has Four Components: Gateway | Gatekeepers | Terminal and MCU ( Multipoint Control Unit). Mainly used in VoIP technology. Regards, Raja. V

What is reflector and load balancing

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What is carrier sense multiple access collision detect (CSMA/CD)?

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What port is used for FTP?

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Asked to show IP address and and MAC address on PC. and ask about difference between static IP and dynamic IP.

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the interviewer named Sreenivas and one more person was sitting,They asked about myself Then they were facing some problems with the audio and was asking me so i was saying ok to reply them..then they instantly said me not to use ok....can anyone tell me if someone is asking you to wait what will you reply "ok" ... again they asked me what are the concepts or that you are good in?

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why did you choose atria convergence technology?

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Electronics related like EM theory Antenna principles, digital electronics, etc.

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Switching, Routing, Wireless

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