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What is the command to check the disk space in Linux?

1 Answer

Answered as "df -h"

based on ospf bgp f5 asa / checkpoint / paloalto firewalls

1 Answer

how to manipulate OSPF cost (with syntax)

1 Answer

Network protocols and scanerios based questions on how to troubleshoot network issues.

1 Answer

Mostly based on Telecom like Call routing, E1, SS7, ISUP, MSC and all telecom related things and some logical questions which may have 2 or more answers. Scenario based questions also there

1 Answer

alohas were asked,operating system,simple sql questions

related to ospf/bgp checkpoint ASA firewall paloalto and F5 load balancer

None as such, sample questions included questions about network protocols,security & VA.

1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Question from resume. 3. They want Network course certificate.

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