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why do you want to join L&T?

7 Answers

sir as your company's tag line is 'its all about imagineering' thus as an engineer i love to imagine and that's why i want to join your company.

What do you like about working at Larsen And Toubro?*

What do you dislike about working at Larsen And Toubro?

1. Write a program in C to print the following pattern if value for S and N are given. Say if S=3,N=3 the pattern should be: 3 44 555 555 44 3

4 Answers

Explain theory of elasticity and some questions related to it. Some formulaes such as bending moment equation and torsion equation.

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Difference between Encapsulation and Abstraction. Examples of OOPS concepts. Java Interfaces, access modifiers. Classes Objects. Keys in DBMS Difference between DROP, DELETE and TRUNCATE One question from coding round(which I could not solve). I was given 15 minutes to solve but I was unable to solve. Interviewers were helpful and Company is good.

3 Answers

Introduce yourself or some general topic to check your communication skills.

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project work that i have done in my final year project

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In a competitive exam joy got 340. if he got 5 marks for each correct ans & -3 for each incorrect one. plz tell how many question he has attended?(it is not the actual question but a type of)

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why the torque curve starts to fall after a certain RPM in the torque curve?

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WAP to print the cube value of the given no without using any method & multiplication

2 Answers

Some puzzle problems , one I still remember is Island barbers problem which states like this " there are two barbers on an island and there is you and those two barbers are on that island and no one else , which barber you would choose to get the best haircut and you can take only one haircut because you have limited money "

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