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Research analyst Interview Questions in New Delhi


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Suppose there is a point A on road. From this point, probability of any car to pass in 20 min. is p; then tell what is probability for any car to pass in 2 min.?

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I think the info. in the question is unsufficient.

p to the power 10

1-(1-p)^0.1 is the answer according to poison distribution or using a binomial distribution with 10 trials

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How much paint it will take to color qutub minar

1 Answer

Will a firm with its base market in another industry, be able to maintain a strong foothold in the active wear range market?

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Do you know how to use mendeley?

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You might be aware that we are looking someone for analytical profile?

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difference between cess and tax

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why we use replace at the end of log using command in stata?

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Estimate the revenue of starbucks.

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Difference between primary research & secondary research?

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