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How would you manage the project if incase the comes an impediment in the middle of the project?

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i would have daily sync up calls with my team and first of all there would be no impediment in the flow of the project but if incase there is any i would have the team to trouble shoot the problem on a separate call and geth the issue resolved.

Scrum in practice, project overview, using agile principles, some scenario based question for project execution

Why Scrum was originated?

1 Answer

about the current work and experience

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1. How does Scrum help a company 2. What Improvements scrum will bring to existing projects 3. Agile Methodology and its benefits to the company

agile cermomies

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Running Agile programs - what and how? Agile metrics. Managing global teams.

Their Scrum Master asked me some of most unrelated questions

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