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Where do you see after 5 years?

8 Answers

I wii become vice presidents

after 5 years, i will get the maximum whatever u provide in 5 years.....

After 5 years i may be in your position

1st case study was about number of glucometers sold in india

4 Answers

If your basics are clear you will go through.Have to say process is not much difficult (simpler than other companies process), the programs which you have to write are like : print this output: 122333444455555..

4 Answers

Estimating the revenue of Mc donald's in Delhi?

4 Answers

Which is the superclass of all classes?

7 Answers

most of difficult is that whom guys working in international bpo the was call as and talking with a lots of attitude .....

2 Answers

was regarding implementing self exceptions in c# with multiple catch statements and no final clause

2 Answers

Why you want to join BPO?

2 Answers

finding an element in rotated sorted array.

2 Answers

You have one weight-balance and 12 identical-looking balls. One of the balls is either heavy/light than the rest. Within 3 iterations, find out which ball is the odd one and whether it is heavy or light compared to the rest.

2 Answers
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