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How early you can join this company as we have very urgent hiring ?

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I answered i have to serve notice period then they said we don't need anything from your last company just join us as soon as possible.

Dear Candidate, Being into business space we understand Glassdoor is a platform, where people can say anything about anyone. But, if you are writing/saying something irrelevant/wrong, be ready for the consequences as well. So before posting anything, kindly read the guidelines at least. "Everything is fake" - You are creating an awareness among people that everything is fake, kindly be specific about the things you found fake, people also have the right to know those things. Like you also mentioned, "They will not tell you about the Service bond on the time of hiring they will tell you after 4-5 days." - What is the benefit of this? If the HR won't disclose this to a candidate during the time of interview eventually when the candidate will come to know about this, he/she may reject the offer. I believe you are not familiar with the process of recruitment and the efforts involved in the process. Why would an HR risk all that? Before making a statement have some grounds to prove it. Even if an organization is asking you to join without any documents, it is your moral responsibility to collect your documents from the previous employer as it will benefit you. If you felt something was wrong with the process of this company and things are not working out in an ethical way, why you "ACCEPTED THE OFFER?"

Candidate will not leave as he or she wants time and money again to search the job. Now a days jobs are very rare and you're creating false news to the society.

How can you give us more visibility?

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What is Digital Marketing?

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General & About previous experience

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copying charts from excel to powerpoint as a link

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Tell me your strength and how to contribute for the company.

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"Out of all the other candidates, why should we hire you?"

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What about your analytical skills?

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What sort of experience are you looking for?

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Why are you suitable for this post?

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