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If your basics are clear you will go through.Have to say process is not much difficult (simpler than other companies process), the programs which you have to write are like : print this output: 122333444455555..

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for(int i=1;i<5;i++) for((int j=0;j<=i;j++) System.out.print(i);

for(int i=1;i<5;i++) for((int j=1;j<=i;j++) System.out.print(i);

any other questions please post here related to programming in intelligrape?

Game related to coins : There are a bunch of coins on the table (about 20 I think) and 2 players have to pick 1-5 coins at each turn. The player who picks last coin wins the game. What will be your strategy if you are given the 1st chance to pick coins ?

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The most difficult question is how should I manage myself now after TPG Software backed out to employ me after issuing the offer of offer letter.

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Why do you come into this company as previous one was better reputation in the market ?

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Spring ,HIbernate

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Why HCL do this, why they have to waste candidate time if they do not have vacancies.

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C string manipulation. bash script. etc

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He asked me to design Pentium 4 structure. Given a group of array in which elements are duplicate, you need to detect the duplicate element and then delete it. What mechanism will u implement and using what kind of Data Structure.

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1) Explain Merge Sort, in normal terms 2) Write code to find the least and second least number in an array(1st and 2nd Round) 3) Difference between final and finally(1st and 2nd Round) 4) find an element in a linked list code 5) Test for prime number 6) What is a binary tree? and itsTypes (2nd Round) 7) What are the types of tree traversals 8) Write code to implement a stack and queue in an array 9) What is encryption(2nd Round) 10) Principles of OOPs 11) One of my recent projects was on DIP. How will you recognise, letter 'A' in an image(2nd Round) 12 )Design algorithm for scrambling alphabets on a keyboard(2nd Round) 13) What is Database? What is normalisation, Why do we need it? (2nd Round) 14) Introduce yourself 15) Would you like to relocate to Hyd (HR) 16) Interested in higher studies? 17) You are more interested towards ML/AI, we may not be able to provide you with that kind of roles 18) How good team player are you? 19) Tell me some challenges you faced or accomplished

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they asked me whats your favorite subject i told signal & system ,then they asked about give me one practical example of it

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