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I am from ECE. They asked me why d u want to join an IT company as u r from ece.

2 Answers

in PI, dont set ur goals too high (as MS or big money).

during my graduation i realized.., that i cant get the groth in this field.., so i decided to switch my path from ece to IT.

rwx---r-- I am not the owner of this file, but I am a member of the group of this file. My question is: do I have read access to this file?

4 Answers

How XSLT work?

1 Answer

At which port Apache works?

1 Answer

linux based questions, networking basic concepts, osi layer of network, sql queries, mysql,

1 Answer

Why did I use java instead of c++ in jsp pages?

1 Answer

questions on resume. Mainly on C++. Coding concepts

1 Answer

The first question was tell me about yourself than they asked for the CV and basic questions from CV about college, skills, gpa etc.

1 Answer

what are you looking in this profile? reason for the change?

1 Answer

Why your name is "XXX XXXXX" ??

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